Handmade fine engagement ring with rose cut diamond focal stone and tiny scattered accent diamonds.

Brushed Matte vs. Bright Polish Finish

Our matte finish is soft and velvety, and our bright polish is crisp and classic.  Find examples of each below to help you choose the best finish choice for your Melanie Casey jewelry!

Bright Polish

Vine leaf eternity wedding band shown in 14k yellow gold with a bright polish finish.Thin hand hammered bands in 14k rose and yellow gold with bright polish finish

Solid 14k gold handmade wedding bands, His & Hers 4mm & 1.5mm hand hammered rings with bright polish finish by Melanie Casey

Brushed Matte Finish

Vine leaf wedding band shown in 14k white gold metal with a brushed matte finish

Princess cut peach imperial topaz and diamond cluster ring in 14k gold shown with brushed matte finish.

Handmade wisteria leaf eternity band shown in 14k rose gold with brushed matte finish.

Handmade fine engagement ring with a cluster of six white diamonds and a marquise diamond focal stone in 14k yellow gold with brushed matte finish.

Side-by-side comparison

Side by side comparison of the Blueberry cluster rings with bright polish and matte finish shown in yellow and white gold metal colors.
Sapphire and white diamond mini cluster rings in 14k white gold, bright polish vs. brushed matte finish.

Some helpful tips for choosing your finish:

  • If you really like the look of a very hammered texture, the bright polish is probably the way to go! The light will reflect more easily off of the angles created from the hammer with a shiny polish, and it will really make the hammering texture stand out. (Hammering will still be apparent with a brushed matte finish, but it is less pronounced.)
  • If you are ordering your jewelry in white gold, keep in mind that because of how light reflects on the metal, white gold will look quite different depending on what finish you choose. With a bright polish, white gold tends to look whiter, similar to platinum. A brushed matte finish tends to bring out the gray tones of white gold.
  • We do not use rhodium plating on our jewelry.  The color of our 14k white gold is a natural gray-toned metal, and not the stark colorless white hue of a rhodium "dipped" ring
  • If you are ordering a ring to match another ring you already wear, we recommend matching the same type of finish for a more cohesive, pulled-together look.

We welcome your questions if you have any. Email us at productinquiry@melaniecasey.com.


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