Hey ya'll, Gabriella here. Lovely to meet you! I am a client liaison and content creator for Melanie Casey Jewelry. That's fancy lingo for "Jane of many trades". I wear hats that give me the privilege of writing our newsletters, helping you pick the perfect gift, editing our stunning photos, running our Pinterest or even entertaining you on our blog.

Melanie Casey is such a special company and I am honored to be a part of making dreams come true. My favorite part of what I do is creating and working with a team of equally passionate innovators that bring fairy tales to reality. I am a sucker for a happily-ever-after and anything associated with it!

Ironically, love brought me to work for Melanie Casey. I was three thousand miles away, attempting med school and was PULLED by my heels back to Chattanooga, TN. So, after only one semster of study, I packed everything into a rental and made the 8 day jouney from Seattle. I had no job, nowhere to live, no car and a boat-load of trust that the universe had my back. The day I moved back, I landed a job for my friend at his juice bar. Two weeks after that, I met my twin flame, Josh. If you like a good love story, we have a podcast episode diving deep into how we met. 

 Naturally, I started looking for rings. Turns out, I have "unique " taste in jewelry and fell in love with our whimsical designs. Then fate happened again. I was stalking Instagram, as I usually do.. day dreaming.. manifesting.. desperate for change. Then I saw the light, MC was hiring! I read the description and cried. I knew it was my dream job and put every ounce of magic that I could muster into becoming a part of her story. So, here I am writing to you lovely humans.

I get to have slow mornings with my dog, Ren, check my messages, then run over writing and editing projects in my home office. My days are spent on my lovely iMac, Gladys. Yes, she has a name and so does my iPhone.  It is such a blessing to have control over my environment, the freedom to create for MC, and to work from home in Chattanooga! #lifemade

Working remotely, I do not get to partake in the day-to-day interactions with the team, but I am not devoid of sweet moments and memories with my Melanie Casey team. My favorite (so far) was interviewing with Melanie over the phone. Hearing her story and feeling so connected with her transition from finance to pursuing her creative work choked me up. I was going through something very similar. I knew I was in the perfect place.

Obviously what drew me to be working here, were the pieces. To say that all of our jewelry is "pretty" is an understatement. They are STUNNING. I have never seen such ornate and eclectic design coming from one person and would honestly wear any/all of them.

My Renaissance Man

My Favorites:

When I am not at my desk, I am spending time with my boyfriend, Josh, and our family (including our dogs, Ren, and Mocha). We are always having parties, hiking or planning day trips or beach trips.  I try to make it to yoga and squeeze in as much time for reading, oil painting and writing for my personal blog. At the end of the day, I covet the phrase Renaissance woman and am elated to be living my credo from work to home. Cheers!

Patrick, Sara-Anne, Hannah, Mocha, Me, Ren, Josh


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