Hello! I'm Katie, and I'm so excited to be a part of the Melanie Casey team. I'm one of the client liaisons here, so chances are we've "met" via email or live chat! I also write content for the website and blog. 

Call it what you will - providence, the universe, fate - my journey to become a member of the team here at Melanie Casey is downright amazing if you ask me. I first discovered Melanie's jewelry during my own search for the perfect engagement ring. As my boyfriend and I were starting to talk about our future together, I scoured the internet for *the* ring (I can be a bit obsessive when it comes to research!). I knew I wanted something unique yet timeless. Something that would be a stand-out, but also delicate and dainty. When I was browsing Etsy one day, I found the Blueberry Mini Cluster Ring and fell in love! I knew it was "the one". I sent the link to my boyfriend and started the seemingly endless wait for the day it would be placed on my finger.

Before I tell you more, let me explain a little about why the Blueberry is so perfect for me. Besides being such a lovely design, the layout with four stones clustered together is what really sold me. I have two little boys - Beck, who is four, and Moses, who is two and a half (don't forget that extra half year - Moses would be deeply offended!). So my fiancé, Linden, is not only choosing me; he's choosing all three of us. The cluster of sapphires and diamonds reflects our new little family of four so beautifully. (Although the boys tend to argue about who is the big ceylon sapphire and who is the smallest - jury's still out.)

So, back to my journey to working here. Three days before Linden proposed, I was stalking Melanie's Instagram account as I tended to do - just hoping for a glimpse of "my" ring. (Some of you ladies can relate, I'm sure!) That day, Melanie posted the job advertisement and I jumped at the chance to throw my hat in the ring. I told Linden about it that night, and he did a great job acting nonchalant, not letting on that he had my ring in his possession already. ("Oh, cool. Where is she located again? Massachusetts? Or, I mean, like...somewhere in New England?" haha!) A few days later, Linden asked me to marry him and asked my boys to be their stepdad. (We all said "yes!") It was the most amazing and emotional moment when he placed the ring on my finger. A few days after that, Melanie called to offer me the job and I said another easy "yes"!

I work out of my home office in Dayton, Ohio. I get to look at, write about, and help clients choose the most lovely jewelry every single day. What could be better?!

When I'm not working, my job as a mama keeps me busy! We love hiking in our metro parks, trips to the zoo, Disney sing-a-longs in the kitchen, and every now and then I can squeeze in a run or some yoga for myself. We will have a full house after the wedding: the four of us plus our cat, Skunk, our bearded dragon, Beardie (Beck picks the best names for pets), and Linden's dog, Gus Gus. We are getting married in three months (!), so I'll be sure to update the blog with pictures of my Melanie Casey wedding band and my boys in their cute little suspenders ;)


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