We get tons of emails like this:

"I loved your Sweet Honey mini cluster ring, but didn't place the order yet and now it's out of stock! What can I do??"

We get it. These little limited edition beauties are so well loved and it's heartbreaking when we have to discontinue these designs!

But never fear: your favorite friendly stylists here at Melanie Casey have options for you! Meet the custom Mini Cluster Ring Builder

This builder allows you to customize each stone in our Mini Cluster setting. You can mimic discontinued or out of stock designs, or create something that's one of a kind, just for you!

It's simple: on the builder, you'll see drop-down menus showing the available gemstones for each of the four stones in a mini cluster setting. (Not every stone is available in each size; you'll see what we have in stock now!) You can play around with the configuration until it's just right, and see your price reflected in real time at the top of the listing.

Finally, select your metal color, ring size, and finish. You can choose between our standard dainty 1.2mm band, or upgrade to 1.5mm for added durability. (For my own engagement ring, I chose to upgrade and I can personally attest to the fact that the 1.5mm is still delightfully dainty!) And now you're finished! Sit back, relax, and let us create your design just for you! So fun, right?!


Since we do get lots (and lots) of requests for discontinued mini cluster designs, we thought we'd help you out with some stone combinations that are available now and that are reminiscent of each of these by-gone lovelies.

Sweet Honey
Oh, this lovely little number was such a hit! It is dripping with sweetness in those warm tones. Here are some options for customizing a mini cluster ring to get the same feel as the Sweet Honey:

Option A:
Stone Choice 1 (oval 3x4mm): Garnet Spessartine - Orange (This is a more orange toned stone than the yellow sapphire from the Sweet Honey ring, which we don't have available, but it would work well with the other stones.) 

Stone Choice 2 (round 2.5mm): Rose cut diamond

Stone Choice 3 (round 2mm): Rose cut diamond

Stone Choice 4 (round 2mm): Citrine 

Option A would be 624usd

  Option B:

Stone Choice 1 (oval 3x4mm): Diamond, White  -SI1 Clarity (This would give it a more traditional diamond engagement ring look. To get the price lower, you could also explore moonstone or white sapphire.)

Stone Choice 2 (round 2.5mm): Yellow Sapphire (This is the same stone as the large one in the Sweet Honey, so this gives you the same color palette.)

Stone Choice 3 (round 2mm): Rose cut diamond

Stone Choice 4 (round 2mm): Citrine 

Option B (with a diamond focal stone) would be 1,348.50usd. Option B (with white sapphire focal stone) would be 545.25usd

Garden Grown

Such a cool, fresh color story on this one! We love this design! Here is how you can recreate the Garden Grown look in your custom mini cluster:

Stone Choice 1 (oval 3x4mm): Sapphire - Green
Stone Choice 2 (round 2.5mm): Turquoise (Cabochon)
Stone Choice 3 (round 2mm): Turquoise (Cabochon)
Stone Choice 4 (round 2mm): Emerald
This custom design would be 572.25usd, and lucky you - it's the same stone choices as your coveted Garden Grown!

So, looks like you've got some jewelry designing to do! We can't wait to see what you come up with! 

As always, we are here to help with any questions you may have along the way :)


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