Want to photograph beautiful jewelry? Join our team!

We are expanding our team here at Melanie Casey, and we are looking for a brand photographer to take beautiful on-model photos of our jewelry collection! We are looking for an artist with a penchant  for detail work, and experience photographing jewelry is a plus. You may live anywhere in the United States or Canada, so you can work in your own studio. If you have an eye for design and can speak our "voice" through your camera, we want you to apply!

This will be a part-time position requiring a commitment of about one to two days per month.  You must have a flexible schedule that can accommodate very quick turnaround.  We will require our photographer to complete each photography session within 5 days of receipt of the package.  You will be responsible for finding a suitable hand model.  

In order to be eligible, you must shoot with a macro lens and be able to send us the raw images and final edited images from your session. You must have an address to which we can send products to you on a monthly basis, and the ability to ship them back to us when photos have been taken.

We will be unrolling this application process in three rounds:

Round One

In order to apply to be our brand photographer, email us at gabriella@melaniecasey.com.  

Provide us with:

  • A link to your portfolio, and/or social media profile for your photography.  
  • In the same email, please include three of your photographs as attachments.  
  • Please show us the work that best represents your artistic approach and anything that will demonstrate your skill with small detailed photography.

Round Two

If you've been selected to move on to the second round, we will send you an email. At that point, we will ask you to photograph a ring (whatever ring you prefer - your own, your model's, etc. - it does not need to be a Melanie Casey ring) in the style that you would bring to your role as our brand photographer. Our collection is light, airy, whimsical, and lovely, and we want your photos to reflect this voice. You must photograph the ring on a hand so we can get a feel for your aesthetic with modeled shots.

We will not publish, use, or share any of the photography from this interview stage without formal approval from the artist.  All associated costs are the responsibility of the applicant during this process.

Round Three

The final round will be limited to a select number of finalists, whom we will contact via email after Round Two. For this round, we will ask you to submit a compensation bid.  
Finalists will first be hired for a one-time paid shoot of our jewelry line, as a trial for the long-term contract.

Round One is open now, and we are accepting submissions!  Email gabriella@melaniecasey.com. 
The deadline to apply is July 23, 2017.

Best of luck, and we can't wait to see your work!


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