The team here at Melanie Casey has been SO excited to introduce platinum as an option in the shop!

We know that a lot of you love the look of platinum. A lot of you are also wondering what the difference is between gold and platinum, and which choice is best for you. We're hoping to answer those questions here!


The most noticeable difference between 14k white gold and platinum is the color. Take a look at the photo above: our Vine band in 14k white gold on the top, and in platinum on the bottom. The platinum is stark, cool, crisp white, with more blue/gray tones. Platinum is naturally bright white when polished.  Our 14k white gold has a warmer white tone to it when compared to platinum. We do not rhodium plate or "dip" our white gold, so this is its natural color.  Both will look bright white to the eye when viewed independently, and the color difference is only very noticeable when comparing the two next to each other.  This is why we strongly recommend that you match the metals of your engagement ring and wedding band.


One reason that platinum is a great option for bridal jewelry is that it is a very strong and durable material. It is quite a bit heavier than 14k gold, which does make it more expensive.  Some people prefer the more substantial feel on their finger.  Because platinum is so dense and heavy, it is less likely than gold to thin out over time.  Both materials will certainly scratch and show wear as they are worn.  Of course, as far as durability goes, we offer an excellent warranty on all of our jewelry, so no worries either way!


Gold is naturally yellow.  In order to make it white, alloys are added in. Some people are allergic to these alloys, most notably nickel.  If you have a severe nickel allergy, platinum is the best option for you, as it's hypoallergenic.  We've been asked how someone might know if they are going to be allergic to our 14k white gold.  Our answer is... if you're extremely allergic to nickel, trust us, you'll know!  If any 14k white gold ring irritates your finger, you may want to consider having it rhodium plated if it is an heirloom.  For new jewelry, consider ordering platinum, 14k yellow gold, or 14k rose gold instead. 

Above: hammered bands in platinum (top) and white gold (bottom)

We recommend that you keep your wedding set the same metal. (If your engagement ring is white gold, stick with white gold for the wedding band as well.) These metals look best when paired with the same metal. If you don't have Melanie Casey rings for both engagement and wedding, you should know that our white gold is warm compared to any jewelry that has been rhodium plated. Rhodium plating is a thin layer of metal with a bright platinum-like color.  We do not rhodium plate because it is not permanent, and we prefer to add a polished finish that will last a lifetime without annual upkeep.  If your engagement ring is 14k white gold, with rhodium plating, you may consider having a local jeweler dip your MC ring in order to get a more perfect match!

Sometimes the ring design itself can make the difference in whether platinum or white gold looks best. If you are designing a custom mini cluster ring, or building a Lady's Slipper ring with sapphire, the stone color could look better with one metal or the other. Our stylists would be happy to help you with this decision!

We hope this clears up some of your questions about white gold vs platinum! Either way you go, you'll receive a lovely piece, handmade with love :)


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