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We are often asked for advice on how to clean Melanie Casey jewelry. Do I need a special cleaner? Should I take my ring to a jeweler for cleaning?

Luckily, the answer is much simpler than many clients may think! The only things you need to make your Melanie Casey ring sparkle are a soft toothbrush and some liquid dish soap!

Katie, our stylist and content writer here at MC, demonstrates the cleaning process on her Blueberry Mini Cluster ring:

Before: In need of a cleaning! Everyday wear will make your ring look less-than-sparkling. Time to clean!

Step 1: Get a soft bristle toothbrush. Katie is using a baby toothbrush because she found an extra in the bathroom - thanks, kids! If it's soft enough for babies' gums, it's soft enough for your ring! But any toothbrush labeled "soft" will be just fine.

Step 2: Add a dab of dish soap to the toothbrush, as if you were about to brush your teeth with it (but please don't do that!). We like to use the original blue Dawn dish soap, but any will do!

Step 3: With warm water, gently scrub your ring with the toothbrush, making sure to scrub the bottom of the stones where the little holes in the gold setting are. Scrub thoroughly, but gently, making sure to get the bristles up into those little holes under the stones. Let the soap work its magic, getting rid of buildup and dirt. **Please note that if you have coral, pearl, turquoise, apatite, opal, or emerald in your ring, you need to take extra care. Never soak these in hot water or scrub them directly - just scrub around them and underneath the setting.

Step 4: Rinse in warm water, and let your ring air dry.

After: All done! Sparkly and clean!


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